Bri Bri

Named for the indigenous people who inhabit this part of Talamanca, the town of Bri Bri is the county capital with the courthouse and governmental buildings located here. The town itself has little to offer tourists, however, the nearby waterfalls are popular with a hike through jungle and over slippery rocks for the pleasure of jumping into a cool waterfall pool. Visitors may also come to Bri Bri on their way to a tour of an indigenous village, or on the way to the Panamanian border at Sixaola.

The indigenous population of Costa Rica suffered from the introduction of European illnesses brought to the country by the Spanish in the sixteenth century as did many indigenous tribes across Latin America as they didn’t have the immunities to fight these sicknesses. The Bri Bri remained sheltered from the influence of the Spanish conquistadors due to their remote location, resulting in the preservation of their language and culture.

Five highlights:
  • Jumping into the Volio waterfall
  • Learning herbal medicine with a shaman
  • Eating organic fresh chocolate
  • An overnight stay in an indigenous village
  • Attend the annual plantain festival.
Getting there:

Journey time is about 25 minutes (longer on the bus)

Buses run hourly to and from Cahuita.

Drive south on Route 36.  At Hone Creek, follow the road to the right and continue uphill until reaching the town of Bri Bri.

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