Bri Bri Indigenous Village Tour

Family visit, medicinal plants, and chocolate

Spend the day immersed in the Pre-Colombian culture of one of Costa Rica’s Indigenous populations. Learn and interact with its people and the region of Talamanca.

A private shuttle will pick you up from your hotel at 8:30am and you will proceed on to the Territory of Bri Bri. A hike through the rainforest leads to a local waterfall where you will enjoy the beauty and cool refreshing waters in this natural pool. After your swim, you’ll meet a local medicine man, who’ll share his knowledge of local plants, that’ve been used to heal for centuries and he’ll show the herbs, roots, barks etc that form his garden.

Then it’s on to meet a traditional Bri Bri family of five generations. To reach them you will cross a hanging bridge and a cacao plantation and once there you will spend time learning about their current and past way of life and how they have preserved many of their traditions. You’ll learn about their heritage and traditional methods of farming, healing, cooking, building houses, and art. Together you’ll make chocolate using ancient tools and methods, partake in a demonstration of hunting with a bow and arrow, learn about medicinal plants and share a traditional lunch served in a banana leaf.

Duration: 6 to 7 hours
Price: $59(2 person minimum)
Includes: transportation; guide, entrance fees, traditional lunch
What to bring: mosquito repellant, sun lotion, towel, change of clothes, bathing suit, hiking sandals, long pants, passport, money for chocolate, souvenirs

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