The Iguana Farm, Chocolate House and Waterfall

This tour is a great introduction to the wildlife of the Caribbean region and cultural traditions of the Bri Bri Indigenous tribe.

The first stop is the Iguana Farm which was founded in order to protect Green Iguanas from extinction due to consumption and capture as pets. The farm is run by the Kekoldi Indigenous tribe and enables the iguanas time to reproduce and grow to maturity before they are released into the wild.

Next stop, The Cacao House, whose owner grew up in the traditions of the Bri Bri Indigenous tribe. Here you will be given a demonstration on the ancient skills of chocolate making and the cultural significance and rituals in which Cacao carries great importance. After the demonstration, there is a chocolate tasting and an opportunity to buy chocolate and other organic products.

The final stop is the refreshing waters of the Bri Bri Waterfall at the end of a trail through the jungle. The Waterfall was the site for purification and healing ceremonies in the past . Although it is no longer used specifically for that purpose it is still thought to have cleansing properties.

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Price: $35 for two activities and $45 for 3 activities (2 person minimum)
Includes: transportation; guide, entrance fees,
What to bring: mosquito repellant, sun lotion, towel, change of clothes, bathing suit, hiking sandals, passport, money for chocolate, souvenirs

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