Tree of Life Rescue Center


A wildlife rescue center and botanical garden located in Playa Grande, Cahuita.  Animals come to them under various circumstances, many front the illegal pet trade.  Their mission is to nurse back to health all the animals in their care and release those that can survive in the wild.  For those that can’t or are healing they provide the most natural home possible. Tree of Life also has a turtle and iguana breeding program and all are introduced to their natural habitat.

There are 10 acres  of Botanical Garden to explore.  Walk along the well maintained paths and see tropical flowers, fruit trees and plants.

Open:  November 1-April 15, July 1-August 31, Tuesday-Sunday, Closed Mondays.  There is one daily guided tour at 11am.

Closed: April 16-June 30, September 1-October 31

Price:  $16

Volunteer program available. For more information contact:  Phone: (506) 8317 0325, (506) 2755 0014; website:

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