What’s the weather like?

There are many days of the year when Cahuita is bathed in blazing sunshine, the sky is blue and the ocean is crystal clear and smooth.  But this isn’t every day of the year (unfortunately!), otherwise the vibrant greenery that flourishes at every side wouldn’t exist.  However, you can plan your vacation to come for the best chance of that picture postcard beach that you’ve been dreaming of, or if you are tied to a certain time of year, plan for a more active stay with National Park hiking and visits to local sights and learning to surf.  Cahuita has something to offer the visitor year-round!

El Niño has put pay to the once clear seasons on this coast.  However, there are general patterns to temperature and rainfall that might be of interest.  This chart is taken from information provided by the Costa Rican Institute of Meteorology from data collected from 1970 to 2013:

Month Temperature Minimum       Maximum Rainfall Days of rain
January 69.3⁰ 84⁰ 316.9 mm 12.5 in 19
February 69.3⁰ 84.4⁰ 235.9mm 9.3 in 16
March 70.3⁰ 85.5⁰ 209.8mm 8.3 in 17
April 71.6⁰ 86.2⁰ 262.6mm 10.3 in 16
May 73.0⁰ 86.7⁰ 332.1mm 13.1 in 19
June 73.2⁰ 86.5⁰ 288 mm 11.3 in 19
July 72.7⁰ 85.3⁰ 428 mm 16.9 in 22
August 72.5⁰ 86.2⁰ 296.3 mm 11.7 in 19
September 72.5⁰ 87.1⁰ 141.4 mm 5.6 in 14
October 72.9⁰ 86.7 204.5 mm 8.1 in 17
November 71.6⁰ 84.9⁰ 399.4 mm 13.4 in 18
December 70.2⁰ 84⁰ 442 mm 17.4 in 21
It rains, that’s for sure, but often the rain may fall all night and the morning will be bright sunshine.  And when Cahuita is surrounded by rainforest, there’s gonna be some rain!  The upside is a generally constant temperature and humidity that means even if it rains, you won’t feel cold.   The best months to come are September and October when the skies are blue and the seas are calm, but other months can be beautiful too.   It is worth noting that the Caribbean doesn’t have the same seasons as the rest of the country.   For daily or weekly weather forecasts, click on http://www.imn.ac.cr/  It may not be 100% accurate but at least you’ll have an idea of when to book that snorkel tour.
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