Where to Stay

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Affordable accommodation  is easy to find in town and with a few budget options outside of the center too.   Accommodation in this category is $35 or less for a double room (although prices may vary depending on season).

There are two camping site options — and it’s best to pay, rather than camp on the beach where sandflies will eat you alive.



Mid-range hotels provide a comfortable option with prices ranging from $35-$80 per night for a double room/cabin (depending on season).



Boutique hotels offer superior unique environments and hosts that pay attention to every detail to make your vacation a memorable experience.  Exquisitely maintained gardens, pools, interesting decor and close beach access are a few of the benefits.


House and pool are surrounded by tropical plants

Vacation rentals are your home away from home choice.  If you’re traveling on a budget or with family or friends, eating in is often way more fun than heading out for every meal.  Choose the home that’s perfect for your stay with our great selection here.


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