Rental Car

Rent a vehicle to travel with absolute freedom from schedules!  Vehicle rental in Costa Rica is straight-forward if you follow our ‘need-to-know’ guide and we’ll help you find the best prices.


  • third party insurance is mandatory.  This is government imposed and CAN’T be covered by any credit card policy.
  • car rental may be more expensive than you’d think.  Heavy importation fees and the wear and tear caused by Costa Rica’s climate and roads make car prices high.
  • deposits are needed.  You’ll need to leave at least $1,000 hold with the car rental agency for the duration of your rental period; more if your CDW is through your credit card.
  • a sedan is sufficient for travel from San Jose to Cahuita, but an SUV offers higher clearance over potholes and may be a better option — if your budget allows.
  • drive in the day.  If you are landing on a late flight, stay overnight in San Jose and get your rental vehicle delivered the next morning.

Planning your journey

Journey times on Google maps tend to be underestimated, so we’d recommend This site offers clear ‘Tico-style’ directions based on landmarks and not road numbers and accurate driving time.  You can change from kilometers to miles with a click.

Allow four hours to drive from San Jose to Cahuita, but be aware that weather or road conditions can cause delays.

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